The King of Rock & Roll

Piano? Check! Guitar? Check! Dancing moves? Check! Talent? Check! Style? Check! The King of Rock & Roll was more than an artist; he changed American culture.

Elvis Presley was a famous American Rock musician and icon. He was born in 1935, and died in the 70’s. His music didn’t fit the genre standards at the time: it wasn’t pop or country, it was different. Teens from that era grew up listening to his music.

Presley challenged the status quo by standing up for equality. He went beyond races: everyone would listen to his songs! He also had a deep respect for and devotion to rhythm and blues.

He challenged the religious American lifestyle and the music industry: his performances were usually sexualized. His dancings moves and fashion choices were scandalous too. His fans were back then what you’ll expect from a fan currently! but at the time, that was something huge. Fans’ histeria? Yeah, Elvis was the first artist to get this.

Despise the controversy, Presley laid the foundations for many other great artists. Some of them have even paid him tribute, including John Lenon, who stated «before Elvis, there was nothing».