The legend of King Arthur

#CulturePills The legend of King Arthur Have you heard about the legend of King Arthur? King Arthur was a legendary British leader who led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th century. The existence of this heroic character has been a topic of debate for many centuries; but, […]

Michael Jackson

#CulturePills Macbeth by William Shakespeare It’s a Thriller, Thriller night and Michael Jackson knows it! The American singer’s legacy and cultural impact is huge. Who hasn’t sung Billie Jean or danced to Thriller? Have you tried to do the moonwalk? Did you have nightmares after watching Thriller’s music video? Jackson was steps ahead of his […]

Macbeth by Shakespeare

#CulturePills Macbeth by William Shakespeare «Fair is foul, and foul is fair» Macbeth by William Shakespeare is a playwright that depicts the sins and downfall of a Scottish General and Thane of Glamis. Even though this nobleman was not inclined to commit evil deeds at the beginning, he is doomed after a tempting prophecy is […]

The King of Rock & Roll

#CulturePills The King of Rock & Roll Piano? Check! Guitar? Check! Dancing moves? Check! Talent? Check! Style? Check! The King of Rock & Roll was more than an artist; he changed American culture. Elvis Presley was a famous American Rock musician and icon. He was born in 1935, and died in the 70’s. His music […]