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It’s a Thriller, Thriller night and Michael Jackson knows it!

The American singer’s legacy and cultural impact is huge. Who hasn’t sung Billie Jean or danced to Thriller? Have you tried to do the moonwalk? Did you have nightmares after watching Thriller’s music video? Jackson was steps ahead of his time and still, a decade after his death, he’s still consider as the King of Pop.

He was a humanitarian and songs such as «Black & White» and «We are the World» are part of his legacy. During his career, he raised awareness about many topics: climate change, race, cancer and AIDS. He also supported organizations and personalities such as: UN High Commission for Refugees, Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change, UNICEF, American Cancer Society, among others.

He created a global culture and, because of his work and influence, he was named part of the British Council’s list of «80 Moments that Shaped the World».

How would you describe Michael Jackson’s global influence? What is your favorite Jackson’s song?